Almost Famous

So the plan for this blog was to tell you about my journey with OC, some info on my life in general and then lead into some OC awareness and the enjoyment I am getting from fundraising. However things have just taken off with the fundraising and awareness that I need to talk about it. One of my goals is to have people learn about ovarian cancer and I think that has certainly already started.

I signed up to start fundraising for #savethebox 2 weeks ago, I started with and everyday hero page that I shared on my FB and instagram, then I asked friends to share. I have been so overwhelmed and impressed with the support that poured in, it really took me back. My initial goal was $5000, when that was exceeded in a little over a day I increased to a $20,000 goal by the end of October. Within 1 week I had through social media raised $10,000 for #savethebox.

Fundraising has changed so much from the days I went door knocking for various charities. After being so successful in the first week my mind stated ticking, what else can I do, how big can this go. So thank you to my friend Kristen's idea I am organing my first charity event called Treasure Box which is a garage and ladies secondhand clothes sale, which will hopefully get me closer to the $20,000 goal.

I still wanted it to be bigger. I am an extremely driven and passionate person, you could probably liken me to a steamroller lol. It makes a difference in that this cause means so much to me, the money goes to clinical trials for drugs that I may need one day. But this is not just about fundraising for me, it is about sharing my story to create awareness for ovarian cancer but also for looking after your health and listening to your body.

So week 2 this week and things got bigger. Save the Box and everyday hero released my story to the media and I have just spent the morning being interviewed by the local news, channel 9 and by the local paper for a story to feature tonight and tomorrow respectively. So I am pretty excited about getting the ovarian cancer awareness word out to the general public. So I suppose watch this space for more developments.

For anyone with a cancer or a serious illness. Everyone's situation is different so I can't pretend to know what you are going through. I didn't fundraise or talk publicly about ovarian cancer when first diagnosed. At diagnosis and the start of treatment there is this roller coaster that you don't really want to add laps to. Now I am in a position to fundraise and improve awareness, it is giving me so much joy and energy that I urge you to look at what you could fit into your story. Even if it is sharing your story with friends or a stranger at the doctors office to the other end of the spectrum of a national campaign every little bit helps. A doctor friend recently told me that he was so touched by my story that it has affected his practice and that he shares my story with others, that was fro me just being honest and talking with friends.

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