I don’t know where to start. When I was diagnosed two and a half years ago I was not given much hope. The PET scan report stated ‘extensive metastatic disease’. The chemotherapy I was given was not expected to work. The surgeons wouldn’t operate. I chose to stay positive as I saw no other options. Somehow the chemotherapy worked, eventually the surgeons agreed to operate and my cancer began to shrink. There were some setbacks, mainly a cardiac metastasis labelled on the PET report as ‘sinister’. But for the most part as hard as this cancer experience has been I can honestly still say that my life is amazing.

Over the past couple of years I haven’t really dared to dream about a day where I would be cancer free. It had never really seemed a possibility. I have stayed positive with the aim of enjoying my life, when people would say you will beat this I just smiled but never truly believed it.

Last month I had my standard 3 month PET scan, I hoped it would be cancer improving or stable. I still feel weird telling people my news but what I sat staring at on the screen were the words ‘complete metabolic response’. I don’t know how many times I read it. A month on I don’t think it has sunk in. My body shows no signs of cancer. Nothing in the abdomen, the lymph nodes, the ribs, the breast and thankfully nothing in the heart.

I refuse to call what has happened a miracle. I feel calling it a miracle downplays the work of the health professionals that contributed to this, the doctors, nurses, researchers, advocacy groups, fundraisers and pharmacists. It was my family, friends and colleagues who supported me and kept me busy that allowed me to stay positive and keep active. I do believe that my positivity has played a large part. So thank you to everyone who helped me realise a dream I dared not dream.

I went hot air ballooning to celebrate my news

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