Why everyone should have a bucket list

If any of you follow me on instagram you will know I have been doing a lot of travel for the past 3 years. When you are diagnosed with cancer it is very overwhelming, in a few moments your world gets turned upside down. All your future plans are suddenly gone or uncertain. Over the following days and weeks you experience losing control of your own life. So much about the illness and the outcome are out of your control. When I was diagnosed I knew I had to stay positive, but how does one stay positive in the face a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. I didn’t just lose my health, I lost the future I planned and I lost part of my identity through how I saw myself. So I decided that I wanted to be in control of what I could. I wrote a bucket list.

I made a decision that I would accept the advise of doctors when the treatment would prolong my life but only if I had quality of life. I have a Plan B which you could probably call it the ‘F*** it plan’ where I cash in all my chips and go and have an absolute blast for as long as possible. Thankfully Plan A went well. Even since receiving the news in April 2019 that I am cancer free I have continued my bucket list journey.

Whilst on treatment I would stay as fit and healthy as possible by keeping active. I would try and live in the moment and even whilst on treatment where possible I would tick items off my bucket list. No longer would I put things off into an unforeseeable future. No one has a crystal ball, no one knows their future yet too often we put things off.

Below is my bucket list, which I have been ticking things off for the past 3 years. I also constantly add to this list. The bucket list really evolves with me.

The Adventure Stuff

- Surfing- First wave with my cousin Troy in Oct 2017 on the Gold Coast. Since then I have surfed in Hawaii, Fiji, Perth, Sunny Coast and NSW.

- Motorbike- learners licence obtained in July 2018

- Skydive- Jumped out of a plane with Kristen H in March 2017 Airlie Beach

- Parasailing- Bay of Islands, Nov 2018

- Hang gliding

- Bungee Jump

- Hot air balloon ride- Mareeba, May 2019 with Kristen L, Kristen H and Julia.

- White water rafting- Queenstown Nov 2018, I sat at the front!

Snowboarding was ticket off the list years ago with Deanna in Queenstown and canyoning with Rachelle in Switzerland.


- Road trip around NZ- solo trip partially completed in Nov/Dec 2018, I did break down and require towing… I plan to go back to check out the Marlborough region.

- Adelaide and it’s wine regions- Oct 2017 with Lauren Wand Jaimie

- East coast of Australia road trip- with Kate in Jan 2019

- Perth and Margaret River- Jan 2018 with Gia, managed to go for a surf whilst there J

- Thailand- with Lauren H and Alexandra in April 2018 did get bitten by a monkey, thankfully no rabies

- USA, particularly Vegas

- Hawaii- April 2019 with Mum, Madison and Cohen

- Canada

- Portugal, Morocco and Spain

- Northern lights

I should explain I had already been to Europe and Egypt in 2009 with Rachelle which is the only reason they aren't on the list.

The big events

- Melbourne Cup- 2018 with my friend Rachelle, btw we looked great. I did it again in 2019 with Kate, Deanna and Craig because it was so much fun J

- Aus open tennis- with Kate, Jan 2019

- International Cricket match- with Kate, Jan 2017

- Cirque du soleil- I saw Toruk with Christine

- Ice hockey in Canada

- Baseball in USA

- NFL match

One of the biggest events which wasn’t even on my bucket list was becoming an Aunty to my nephew Cohen.

- New bucket list item is to be the ‘favourite’ aunty (I am his only aunty, but that doesn't matter)

I encourage you all to write a lifelong bucket list and start ticking things off. We all need to live in the moment more. Don’t put things off for retirement, life is too unpredictable.